BSL201 DVD Receptive Skills workshop

Theme 1 - Everyday conversation – this is the compulsory theme for the BSL201 Unit – DVD receptive skills

Who is this aimed at?

Workshop programme

Can you retake with us?

  • If you have failed your BSL201- DVD
    receptive skills
  • Need help practicing your receptive skills
  • Need help to prepare for your next
    BSL201 assessment
  • Your centre is unable to let you retake
    your assessment until next term or
    year and you cannot wait
  • Need to take your assessment
    as soon as possible either for a job
    interview or relocation
  • Understand how to improve your reading of native BSL signers
  • Improve your receptive skills by learning useful tips and advice
  • Understand, step by step, the content signed by a presenter
  • Boost your confidence before leaving the workshop
  • Yes, you can re-take your assessment with BSLworks at any time as long we enrol you and submit your candidate assessment registration form (CAR) 2-3 weeks before the assessment date
  • Dates and times for assessments will be agreed between BSLworks and individual candidates
When: TBA
Time: TBA
Workshop cost:
£40 per person self funded / £60 per person funded by employer/organisation
Training materials: handouts will be provided   
Retake BSL201 assessment and administration fee: contact us for more details

Signature Qualification Specification Level Two Certification in BSL web link:
BSL202 or BSL203 themes are chosen from the list below:
theme 2 – Eating and Drinking Optional
theme 3 – Spending and Shopping Optional

theme 4 – Travel and Holidays Optional

Assessment Procedure

  • Watch a film clip lasting 15-25 minutes
  • Use the multiple choice answer sheet provided by Signature. After the assessment the teacher will collect candidates’ sheets and send them off to Signature’s head office in Durham for marking
  • Expect to receive a result within 2-4 weeks
  • That’s it!

BSL201 Receptive Skills Workshop Application Form