BSL322 Presentation and Conversation Skills

NEW Presentation (Productive) and Conversation Skills workshop

Unit BSL322 - Use varied British Sign Language in a range of work and social situations

Who is this aimed at?

  • Students from other training centres, who are not ready for, or who are about to take their BSL322 DVD Receptive skills assessment, and would like extra help.
  • Students who would like to understand better, their weaknesses and strengths in their presentation (productive) conversation skills and to work on this with the help of some tips and extra tools
  • To understand how assessment criteria (A/C) works
  • How to achieve higher marks and ensure a success with E1, E2 and E3
  • Anyone wishing to expand their sign vocabulary in a different context, e.g. by increasing knowledge of technical (or other) jargon, specific BSL terminology, and more.
  • Meet & mix with a higher level of BSL learners and highly qualified experienced BSL teacher
  • If you would like to develop additional skills or prepare for an upcoming assessment
  • Anyone who simply wants to have a different BSL experience as part of your continue professional development (CPD)

This is not suitable for applicants who are just starting a Level Three course as the teaching level will be aimed towards a higher BSL skill / learning level. It is suitable for applicants who have nearly completed a course and are about take their BSL321 assessment, or retake it with BSLworks or elsewhere.

Part A – 8-10 minute presentation by the candidate
Part B – 10-12 minute conversation between the teacher and candidate


  1. Home Life
  2. Social/Recreational Activities
  3. Education and Training
  4. Employment
  5. Consumer Issues and Daily Living
  6. Deaf History and Culture

Date and time: Wednesday 12th August at 6:30pm to 9pm

One day workshop costs: £80 per person self funded / £90 per person funded by employer/organisation
Half day workshop cost: £40 per person self funded / £45 per person funded by employer/organisation

Want to Retake the BSL322 Presentation and Conversation assessment with us? If you want to retake with BSLworks after you have completed the workshop on the dates above, the assessment will take place an hour after the workshop has finished. The deadline to apply and submit your candidate assessment registration, is 12pm, 6-8 weeks before the workshop date. You will need to have made a full payment for the assessment and administration fee before I am able to register for you in time for your assessment 6 weeks time.

BSL322 Presentation and Conversation Skills Application Form