BSL321 DVD Receptive Skills

Unit BSL321Understand varied British Sign Language in a range of work and social situations

Who is this aimed at?

  • Anyone wishing to expand their sign vocabulary in a different context, e.g. by increasing knowledge of technical (or other) jargon, specific BSL terminology, and more.
  • Those who want to learn on a different training course, in an informal setting
  • Students from other training centres, who are not ready for, or who are about to take their BSL321 DVD Receptive skills assessment, and would like extra help.
  • Students who would like to understand better, their weaknesses and strengths in their receptive skills and to work on this with the help of some tips and extra tools
  • Meet & mix with a higher level of BSL learners and highly qualified and experienced BSL teacher
  • Those needing a confidence boost
  • If you would like to develop additional skills or prepare for an upcoming assessment
  • Anyone who simply wants to have a different BSL experience

This is not suitable for applicants who are just starting a Level Three course as the teaching level will be aimed towards a higher BSL skill / learning level. It is suitable for applicants who have nearly completed a course and are about take their BSL321 assessment, or retake it with BSLworks. 

Please ensure you have studied the following topics before coming to the workshop;


  1. Home Life
  2. Social/Recreational Activities
  3. Education and Training
  4. Employment
  5. Consumer Issues and Daily Living
  6. Deaf History and Culture

Signature has released last year’s examination materials with a question sheet for the centre to use it as example and practice. I will be use the materials and BSLworks’ create own film clip with a question sheet if you have these at different training centre.

 Previously Signature assessment topics:

  • Employment
  • Social
  • Home Life 

Sunday 9th August from 10am to 4pm (full day)
Thursday evening 13th August from 6:30pm to 9pm (half day)
Saturday afternoon 22nd August from 1:30pm to 4pm (half day)

One day workshop cost:
£80 per person self funded / £90 per person funded by employer/organisation

Half day workshop cost: £40 per person self funded / £45 per person funded by employer/organisation

Retake the BSL321 assessment with us? If you want retake with BSLworks after the workshop completed on see above workshops dates, to do assessment will be happens after a hour break from the workshop. The deadline apply and submit your candidates assessment registration by 3 weeks advance at midday with a full payment for the assessment and admin fees to be paid before I am able register for you in time for assessment date. 

Evaluation from the BSL321 workshop on 21st March 2015, happy reading!


BSL321 Receptive Skills Application Form