BSL203 Conversational Skills workshop

  • Theme 1 – Everyday conversation – this theme should only be used for your DVD receptive skills, not for BSL202 or BSL203.
  • theme 2 – Eating and Drinking Optional
  • theme 3 – Spending and Shopping Optional
  • theme 4 – Travel and Holidays Optional

You have to choose one of the above themes (numbers 2, 3 or 4) for your productive skills (BSL202). You must ensure it is different to the theme chosen for your conversation skills (BSL203).

Who is this aimed at?

Workshop programme

Can you retake with us?

  • You have failed Unit BSL203 Conversational skills (two way
    conversation between teacher and candidate)
  • Need more help to polish your productive and receptive skills in two way conversations
  • Are preparing for your BSL203 assessment
  • Your centre is unable to let you retake your assessment until next term or year and you cannot wait
  • Need to take your assessment
    as soon as possible either for a job interview or relocation
  • Would like to prepare for your next
    BSL202 assessment at your chosen centre or privately as a self-employed person/group or business with a Signature approved centre.
  • Your centre won’t let you re-take
    the assessment until next term or year and you cannot wait that long
  • Need to take your assessment
    asap due to a new job opportunity or perhaps you have relocated
  • Understand how to improve your productive and receptive skills in two way conversations
  • How to read and understand the assessment criteria and how to match your skills to it
  • How to improve the balance of conversation between teacher and candidate
  • Understand how the external assessor marks the assessment and what they look for
  • Improve your productive and receptive skills with ideas, plan mapping skills and useful tips
  • Boost your confidence before leaving the workshop
  • Yes, you can re-take your assessment with BSLworks at anytime as long we enrol you and submit your candidate assessment registration form (CAR) 2-3 weeks before the desired assessment date
  • Dates and times for assessments will be agreed between BSLworks and individual candidates
  • You might need to book one to one Coaching with Sandra before taking your actual assessment to improve your skills to the required level. This can take place either on the same day or shortly before you take your BSL202 assessment
When: TBA
Time: TBA
Workshop cost:
£40 per person self funded / £60 per person funded by employer/organisation.
Training materials: handouts will be provided   
Signature Qualification Specification Level Two in BSL web link:
Retake BSL203 assessment and administration fee:
contact us for more details
Assessment Procedure
  • you will be filmed with the teacher, both student and teacher must be in frame throughout the film
  • the candidate and teacher have a two-way conservation for 6-7 minutes
  • Teacher will then send off the burnt DVD to an external assessor for marking
  • External assessor will not mark you when fingerspelling your full name or when the teacher asks you for your chosen theme and topic. You will also not be marked beyond the first 7 minutes of filming, however if you do go over 7 minutes it will not affect your mark
  • You should receive a result within 4-8 weeks, although this can vary

BSL203 Conversational Skills Workshop Application Form