BSL Skills Workshops

Passed your Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6? Want to boost your confidence?

Who is this aimed at?

  • Students who have a qualification at any level in BSL or have completed an NVQ Certificate portfolio
  • Students are not ready to apply for a higher level of BSL
  • Those who want to learn more at a level that suits them in an informal setting
  • Anyone wishing to expand their sign vocabulary in a different contexts, e.g. technical (and other) jargon, BSL terminology, and so on.
  • Students who would like to understand better and development their knowledge of Sign Language Linguistics
  • Meet & mix with a higher level of BSL learners
  • Those needing a confidence boost
  • People who want to learn more with a teacher who is a native Deaf BSL user with a sense of humour!
  • If you would like to develop additional skills or prepare for an upcoming assessment?
  • Or, anyone who simply wants to have a different BSL experience

Maybe you would like to understand more about BSL structure, improve your receptive or productive skills or have an enjoyable learning experience just for pleasure!

A half or full day session to develop your BSL Skills with Sandra Duguid, Director, a highly successful teacher. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to also experience different regional signs, from our guest BSL teachers.

Workshop costs:
full day workshop – £60 self funded / £80 funded by employer/organisation
half day workshop – £30 self funded / £40 funded by employer/organisation

NEWPay as you Go’ is another payment option for those who need study hours in addition to a BSL course, perhaps going over course topics or content at any level from 1 to 6, or as part of students’ continued professional development (CPD). All BSL learners are welcome to apply, just select the webpage for the level you are studying and find the dates and times for lessons to ‘drop in’ on, get in touch and arrange to ‘Pay as you Go’ for selected lessons. Please only apply for a level you have either already passed, or are currently studying to ensure you will be joining a class at an appropriate level. You can always go back over a level you have previously studied if you have not signed for a while, to boost your confidence or to revise before moving onto the right / higher level of BSL.

Deadline date: applications and full payment for each workshop must be received 2 weeks before the actual workshop date. The minimum number of BSL learners is 4 and maximum 8.

The list below is not exhaustive – please email me to discuss which theme or area of BSL linguistics that you are keen to learn or concentrate on.

to 4:00pm
to 12:30pm
to 5:00pm
to 9:00pm
Fingerspelling Patterns
Receptive & productive skills including tips.
‘My mind went blank when I saw it spelled out, then I panicked!’ How does one overcome this??
Level 1   30th January      
Level 2      30th January     
Level 3       30th January   
Level 4/6       30th January  
Entity, Handling, Tracing, Size & Shape Specifies and body-part classifiers. That’s a LOT. Be sure you wash and grease your hands before coming to the class!
Level 1 2nd February
Level 2 3rd February
Level 3  2nd February
Level 4/6  3rd February
Role of the mouth (English and BSL) Too many English Mouth patterns in your signing?
How and when to use it.
Are you confused?
Level 1     6th February    
Level 2     8th February   
Level 3       8th February  
Level 4/6       8th February  
Established and productive lexicons
What is the difference between these Lexicons? Scratching your head? Not me… let me explain…
Level 1   15th February
Level 2  13th February
Level 3 16th February
Level 4/6  13th February
Formal and Informal
Wondering how to deliver these? Doing lots of role-play should be a fun task! Please do not come wearing smart suits, you’ll need to be comfy!
Level 1      
Level 2     13th February   
Level 3     24th February  27th February 
Level 4/6  27th February   28th February  23rd February 
Conditional – ‘if, if, if… stop using ‘if’! ‘It’s so hard, how can I improve this? I’m feeling desperate..!’ Level 1
Level 2 2nd March 1st March
Level 3 3rd March
Level 4/6
Time, tense and aspect
We will be doing lots of fun exercises, increase your sign vocabulary and improving your time telling… tick tock, tick tock!
Level 1        
Level 2        
Level 3        
Level 4/6        
Debating Skills
Current Affairs (C.A), polities, let’s talk about the election day in May 2015 or open to negotiation… take the floor… throw your hot topic in…!
Let’s feel the Love! Peace not War!
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4/6
Space and Verbs
Plain Verbs, Agreement Verbs and Spatial Verbs phew, that’s a lot of words!
Level 1        
Level 2        
Level 3        
Level 4/6        
Quick…You need to cancel your ‘Botox’ and lip filler appointments, let’s get your beautiful eye brows in and exercise that frown, raise that lip up and down… no more looking miserable as sin!
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4/6
Syntax, Sign Order?
Let’s do some fun exercises, translating English to BSL using articles, internet news, celebrities gossip and more …!
Level 1        
Level 2        
Level 3        
Level 4/6        
Any other specific topics you are looking for but aren’t on the list? Please do email us.


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