Level 3 Certificate in BSL

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Receptive and Productive skills

  Those who wish to acquire varied British Sign Language skills at normal speed and in normally used social and work registers for the purpose of working or interacting with Deaf people on a daily or regular basis;  need to acquire varied BSL skills and develop their understanding of BSL Linguistics as part of a programme of study or professional development and are studying for personal
development with a view to future employment and wish to progress from the Level 2 Certificate.
This qualification is also suitable for Deaf people wishing to acquire a qualification in their own language.The recommended learning time is 280 hours for the 3 units; BSL320, BSL321 and BSL322. Up to 130 hours of this time may be spent on out-of-class activities.
  • Introduction to discussion skills
  • Summarising opposing views
  • Learning appropriate behaviour
  • Understanding complex facts & opinions in discussion
  • giving complex facts & opinions in discussion
  • Understanding how to show the conditional in BSL
  • Persuading other people and understanding a range of opinions
  • Negotiating in BSL
  • Obtaining, analysing & evaluating complex facts & opinions
  • Understanding how a presentation is structured
  • Producing a short report
  • Understanding the Deaf community & Deaf organisations
  • Understanding metaphor in BSL
  • Give a presentation & ask/answer questions
  • Study sociolinguistic variations in BSL
  • Learn research methods and presentation
  • Discussions on current affairs and Deaf Issues
  • Debate with others whose views may differ
  • Use reasoning to persuade others
  • Relay information in English to BSL
  • Relay information in BSL to English
  • BSL video clips – testing receptive skills
  • Use Conditional Clauses
  • Using Chronological Order
  • Questionnaires
  • Quizzes
  • Researching the internet
  • Practice giving and understanding instructions and advice
  • Use and understand information and personal opinions
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L3handbookFeb15 Imp your BSL produced by Deafworks
Also included: The BSLworks BSL Levels 3 to six Leanring Package for Students Handbook and Deafworks ‘Improves your BSL!’ book.
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Assessment Procedure?

Sign linguistics knowledge

BSL321 – Receptive skills
Understand BSL in a range of work and social situations

BSL322 – Productive skills
Understand BSL in a range of work and social situations

The aim of this unit is for Learners to develop an understanding and competent use of the grammatical rules of BSL. It is recommended that learners will complete this unit on linguistics and be assessed on their linguistics and grammatical knowledge, prior to the assessment of units BSL321 and BSL322.To apply Unit BSL320 ONLY course, click here for more information. The aim of the unit is to enable learners to understand varied BSL in a range of work and social situations.By the end of this unit the learner can follow conversations and discussions delivered at normal speed on a range of topics in different work and social situations (including one to one interaction, group discussions and presentations). If appropriate, they can deal with straightforward telephone or video calls or web-based live communications. The aim of the unit is to enable learners to use varied BSL in a range of work and social situations.By the end of this unit the learner can contribute BSL in a range of work-related and social situations (including one to ones, group discussions and presentations) and have a good vocabulary which they can adapt to get straightforward messages across.

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Other advice?

This qualification is divided into 3 units with assessments at the end of each unit. Assessments in both receptive and productive skills are carried out using DVDs and filming.    You are welcome to apply for the Level 3 course at BSLworks. How do you know if a centre is good? You can how successful a centre’s reputation is by talking to previous or current BSL learners / candidates about their experiences and where they learnt.      Subscribe to ‘Deaf UK Jobs’ & ‘Deaf Events’ Yahoo groups to receive regular emails about future paid or voluntary work relating to your BSL skills and to expand your experience. It is important for you to meet and mix with BSL signers, preferably with British Deaf native BSL users if possible. Attend as many Deaf events as possible such as Healthy Deaf Minds (HDM) and BSL Talks at TATE Modern. Watch Deaf media – See Hear, BSL Zone and BBC1’s interpreted programmes. Or check out Deaf pub nights and join BSLworks at our regular pub evenings.  Check the internet for websites that use BSL In-vision clips. Try Google to find BSL talks, events, there are many opportunities!

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