Between Levels Three and Four course

Who is this aimed at?


Course content


Receptive and Productive skills

  • Those who have completed their Level Three NVQ portfolio or Level Three Certificate in BSL
  • Not ready to apply for Levels Four, Six or equivalent
  • Want to learn more complex BSL in an informal setting
  • Would like to boost your confidence
  • Expand sign vocabulary for jargon, complex technical signs and other terminology
  • Want to learn more with a native Deaf BSL teacher who enjoys teaching and has a good sense of humour
  • Would like the opportunity to meet & mix with a higher level of BSL learners
  • Introducing each other
  • Current Affairs
  • Deaf Community
  • Deaf education – Communication Policies in an educational setting
  • Deaf Health – learn more about poor access to health services
  • Debates
  • Deaf Media
  • Deaf Organisations
  • Deaf Society
  • Deaf Work and workplace issues
  • Dilemmas
  • BSL Structures
  • How to greet people and take leave in different ways
  • Adapt your signing skills to non BSL users and immigrants
  • Mouth patterns – BSL/English
  • Chronological Order
  • Conditional Clauses
  • Preparing complex presentations
  • Maintain accuracy and fluency
  • Self analysis of BSL skills
  • Relay from English to BSL and vice-versa using complex language
  • Give and receive advice or instructions in complex language
  • Fingerspelling – good practice
  • DVD receptive skills with questionnaire and quiz worksheets
Dates: Saturday 18th July, *Sunday 2nd August, Saturdays 15th and 22nd August (no classes on Saturdays 25th July and 8th August) at 10am to 1:30pm
 Reduced from £350 to £300 per person if self funded, and reduced from £450 to £400 per person if funded by an employer/organisation
Application deadline: 8th July at 12 midday

Training materials: handouts will be provided & online resources 

When I’ve finished what can I do next?


Which centre should I apply to?


Other advice?

  • Apply for the level six part one – language development course
  • It is rare for students to be ready to apply straightaway for the Level 6 Part Two course, where one learns how to build an assessment portfolio, unless they are already competent and meet the standard of the level six requirement.
  • BSL Skills workshops
  • One to one coaching

It’s time to think about applying for voluntary work with Deaf organisations such as NDCS, BDA, your local Deaf club or centres.

Join Deaf UK Jobs and Deaf Events yahoo email databases to receive regular emails about future paid or voluntary work relating to your BSL skills and to expand your experience.

Consider joining ACSW, they provide excellent support for CSWs or those who are about to become Communication Support Workers.

Good luck!

  • You are welcome to apply for Level Six part one – language development at BSLworks
  • If our course dates don’t suit you, why not consider training as an external individual candidate offering a flexible structure with times and dates convenient for you.
  • Or, try Signature’s Find a centre to locate the nearest centre to you.
  • How do you know if a centre is good? You need to ask previous or present
    BSL learners or NVQ candidates about their experiences and where they have trained. This information is important, and could save you money and possible headaches!


  It is important for you to meet and mix with BSL signers, preferably with British Deaf native BSL users if possible. Observe fully qualified, experienced BSL interpreters at Deaf events such as Healthy Deaf Minds (HDM), BSL Talks at TATE Modern, BBC News and many more. Continue watching and studying BSL by using DVDs, from the internet or attending Deaf events. Also try Google to find BSL talk, events, etc. Check out Deafstation, it is inactive at the moment, BUT you still can access their archives which have lots of news items. This is part of your continued studies, your personal development and expanding your skills. Research and apply to BSL Interpreting Agencies to gain experience. Read their terms and conditions carefully.

Between Levels 3 & 4 Course Application Form