Level Six Part 1 – language development in Harrow, HA1

Who is this course aimed at? Course Contents Receptive and productive skills
  • Completed Level Three NVQ Certi portfolio or Level Three Certificate
  • Ready to apply for Levels 4, 6 or equivalent
  • Need this qualification to progress in your work place
  • Want to communicate effectively with colleagues and friends
  • Want to learn more about this higher level qualification
  • Would like to learn more with a native Deaf BSL user teacher with a sense of humour!
  • Want to meet & mix with others using the same level of BSL
  • Continue building on skills acquired during Levels 3 or 4
  • Expanding complex sign vocabulary
  • Practise relaying instructions or information into BSL & vice versa
  • Research information ready to deliver a short presentation
  • Developing receptive skills using DVDs or internet clips and answering questionnaires
  • Using a webcam
  • Put what you know about various BSL structures such as placements and referents into practice
  • Develop your skills to give and understand instructions & advice
  • Identify any areas for development
  • Evaluate your own BSL skills
  • Participate in a range of formal and informal discussions and debates; asking questions and using ‘arguments’.
  • Relaying complex information from English to BSL
  • Use reference sources effectively
  • Partake in presentations and ask questions using interactive techniques
  • Use a full range of grammatical forms
  • Understand complex debates
  • Use and understand various BSL structures
  • Use and understand complex arguments & instructions
  • Carry out a self analysis of your BSL video clips
Thursday courses
Daytime course date: 10th September to 10th December 2015, 10am to 2pm 
Evening course date: 10th September to 28th January 2016, 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Application deadline date: 31st August at 12midday
Webcam interview date: TBA
Course cost: £800 per person self funded / £1000 per person funded by employer/organisation

NEW ‘Pay as you Go’  flexible payment option . You can attend as few or as many course dates as you like for a fixed daily rate. Please see the application form below for costs per day / session. This may be helpful to those attending course dates as a refresher of their BSL skills and knowledge, for additional study hours outside of your normal class hours, for continued professional development, or just for a one-off taster to get an idea of the course, centre, or see what the BSL teacher is like.
Training materials: handouts will be provided & online resources i.e. ‘Signworld’ will be used in the classroom
Qualification Specification Level Six NVQ Certification in BSL: Click here
L6handbookFeb15 Imp your BSL produced by Deafworks
The Levels four to six Signworld Learn online package including news archives costs TBC asap.
When I’ve finished what can I do next? Which centre should I apply to? Other advice?
  • Apply for Level Six part 2 course
    - building your assessment portfolio.
  • BSL Skills workshops
  • One to one coaching

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Check out ACSW – the association of communication support workers. Or join ASLI (Association of Sign Language Interpreters) check out their website.

Good luck!

  • You are welcome to apply for the Level Six part 2 – building your assessment portfolio course at BSLworks
  • If our course dates don’t suit you, why not consider training as an external individual candidate offering  a flexible structure with times and dates to suit.
  • Or, try Signature’s ‘Find a centre’ to locate the nearest centre to you.
  • How do you know if a centre is good? You could check with previous or present BSL learners or NVQ candidates about their experiences and where they learnt, which could prove useful
  • It is important for you to meet and mix with BSL signers, preferably with British Deaf native BSL users if possible.
  • Attend as many Deaf events as possible such as Healthy Deaf Minds (HDM), BSL Talks at TATE Modern. Watch Deaf media – See Hear, Sign Zone and BBC1’s interpreted programmes. Or check out Deaf pub nights.
  • Check the internet for websites that use BSL in-vision clips. Try Google to find BSL talk, events and more!

Level Six Part One Course Application Form