Level Six NVQ Cert. in BSL for external individual candidates or small groups of candidates

Special Offer £300 off for self funded students and £450 off for students funded by employer/organisation. To apply, make a payment in full and attend an informal group interview. Deadline 30th April 2015. Grab a bargain!

This is ideal for NVQ Level 6:

  • BSL learners who have completed the Part One block (language development course)
  • BSL learners who need flexible learning opportunities
  • Candidates who have sufficient skills to compile their portfolio
  • Candidates who have successfully submitted one unit but need to retake the second unit*

What do we offer?

  • Qualified staff to fulfil the roles of assessor and personal coach
  • 1 x meeting with your assessor to create an Initial Assessment Plan (IAP) for evidence collection
  • 3 x coaching sessions to polish any areas of weakness
  • 3 x tutorials with your assessor to review your portfolio evidence
  • The opportunity to film evidence for your portfolio during coaching sessions
  • The opportunity to work solely towards one unit, ie: Level Six: unit 601 or 602*
  • Sessions with your personal coach can be done through webcam, if you prefer.

Please note that the roles of assessor and coach are taken by two different members of staff; the assessor does not teach the BSL candidates.

Our staff:

  • Sandra Duguid, Director: Qualified Assessor & Coach
  • Ann Goldfinch: Qualified Assessor & Coach
  • Guest BSL Coach – TBA if none of the above Coaches are available
  • Ilan Dwek: Internal Verifier (IV)

When filming evidence you are permitted to use the same person twice, as long as the clips involve different topics and registers (1 of one to one and 1 of a group). The assessor may be filmed for an evidence piece once, but it has to meet the criteria e.g. understanding instructions.

Are you ready?
Before being accepted for a Level 6 Individual Portfolio entry, you will need to attend an interview with Sandra Duguid, Director and Ann Goldfinch, where your BSL skills will be assessed. Please see interview fee details. You will receive a full written report with constructive feedback and advice from this meeting.

Why should you consider BSLworks as an External Individual Candidate?

  • You can complete your portfolio at your own pace
  • You will receive coaching support designed specifically for your needs
  • You will have flexibility when timetabling your sessions

The fees:

External Candidate Level 6 Portfolio only – £1,400 Self funded
External Candidate Level 6 Portfolio only – £1,600 Funded by your employer/organisation
These fees are for a portfolio of 2 Units.

Signature Candidate Registration fees:

  • Level Six £184 (units 601 & 602)
  • EV Moderator: £330 or Desktop verification £160
    If you cannot afford one lump payment you can make monthly installments, as long as you have paid the workshop & portfolio fees before portfolio submission. If you apply solely for Part A (workshops), payment must be completed before the final workshop. Please note; there is an additional charge of £2 per installment for this service.

Your portfolio may be sent directly to Signature’s Head Office in Durham for Desktop Verification (marking). However, candidates may need to choose to submit their portfolio at a later date along with other portfolios from a  Level Six course running at a similar time. Marking costs will be shared among candidates and will be paid directly to Signature by BSLworks.

*When a candidate is entering a portfolio for just one unit, BSLworks’ and Signature’s fees will change accordingly. Please contact us for more details

BSLworks will provide you with an indexed portfolio ready for your videoed evidence samples. Templates for the portfolio will be loaded to every candidate’s USB memory stick or sent by email with an attachment in WORD format.

Advance notice:
If a candidate has to cancel or miss any of their tutorial sessions with their assessor they may incur extra charges (this will depend on the reason for the cancellation). The additional charges would be made to set up new date/s and for the tutorial and assessor’s marking and feedback time.

If candidates have not been able to complete their portfolio by the fourth and final tutorial, they will incur charges for extra tutorials, feedback, support, correspondence and administration charges.

Final Tutorial – Evidence Collection

  • Candidates should be able to submit their portfolios at the fourth tutorial, pending assessment and feedback of the final evidence clips which would be sorted on this date. All portfolios should be completed by the final fourth tutorial.
  • A further evidence collection session (for an additional fee) can also be arranged, or we can advise you of evidence collection days being held at other centres.

What if? … FAQ –
Q. I have achieved the old Level Three Certificate in BSL and have not done an NVQ portfolio before – am I likely to have a problem with the Level 6 portfolio?
A. Yes and no, please inform us in advance before the interview date. Please ‘check BSLworks web-pages for the Level six part B interview dates to apply for one of the fixed dates. If these dates do not suit you, please contact BSLworks directly, as we may be able to arrange an interview linked to our individual candidates interview timetable. You will need to download the full details of Signature’s Qualification Specification NVQ Certificate Level Six in BSL from the Signature website click here it’s free!

Q.  If I still don’t fully understand the Qualification Specification, can I have an extra one to one or apply for one of the NVQ Level Six workshops?
A. Yes you can, but there will be an additional cost for attending one of the Level Six full day workshops

Q.  If I attend a 2 day (Level 6) workshop can I then re-apply as an external individual candidate with more flexibility to schedule dates to suit my diary, or re-apply for the Level Six part 2, part B with a fixed date programme?
A. Yes you can, please note that there will be a cost difference between these two options, contact us for more information.

Q.  What is the deadline for submitting the assessment portfolio?
A.   To be negotiated. The aim is to submit within 6-8 months.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

External Level Six NVQ Cert. Course Application Form