One Language

Our ‘One Language’ strategy - the path to efficient learning

Our ‘One Language’ strategy means that we continually review how we work, what we teach and how we can help you to perfect your BSL. Our teaching staff and assessors are all Deaf and native BSL users, we believe the most successful way to teach BSL is in an enjoyable and positive environment.

We offer ‘bite-sized’ workshops focusing on specific topics. We also offer online webcam sessions if you can’t always find the time to travel. You might be desperate to pass your assessment but can’t find a centre that can match your needs, we can support you to ensure you are successful. Our ‘One Language’ thinking means that you get the benefit of our expertise and our flexibility. We do offer approved courses for those of you who want a certificated course, but this also comes with a difference! Our on-going support and attention to each student and candidate is unrivalled elsewhere.

Let us help you perfect your BSL!

dann_58bw Sandra Duguid Director 2006, Deafworks, Banner Street, London EC1