Diagnosis and Reports

Can we help you with your BSL skills? Do you want a diagnostic assessment?

We can help you get better!

“I don’t know what’s wrong with my signing skills. Are my signing skills good enough to apply for a Level Two / Three course?”

“I passed my Level One/Two a few years ago, are my signing skills up to scratch for the next level of BSL?”

“What are my weaknesses? Shall I retake my course?”

“I want to apply for a new BSL course. How many one to one BSL Coaching sessions do I need before my interview for Level Two or Three?”

BSLworks’ students, who have done BSL Diagnosis have said:

“I was impressed with your professional & systematic approach.”

The cost for a 30 minute session is £25 per half hour (£35 per half hour for organisations). This includes an assessment, feedback and advice on what to do next. Save yourself some money!

What can you expect from your Diagnostic Assessment?
A full report identifying problem areas
Suggestions for improvement
Guidance on how to achieve your BSL goals

How to book: please complete the form below and we will get in touch to arrange the details.

Booking Terms: We will accept a booking in writing, by email or mobile text. Please ensure you leave your name, address and contact telephone numbers. Payment in full will confirm the booking: bookings will be held on a temporary basis until payment is received. If it is a last minute booking, with date and time confirmed in writing, by fax, email or mobile text and you do not turn up, you will have to pay the full payment – BSLworks will send you an invoice.

Cancellation: We will return your fees (less a 40% administration charge) if you cancel your place at least one week ahead of the session. If you cancel later than this, we will try to fill your place from our waiting list – if we fill it we will return your fee (less the administration charge). If we cannot fill your place, we cannot return your fees. Please let us know as early as possible – this helps us both!

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