Looking for high quality one-to-one coaching – either online or at a venue of your choice? Or maybe you want to re-take your assessment (on your own, with a friend or with a group of colleagues)? Unsure of what your level is and want a diagnosis?

Welcome to BSLworks – we are an independent deaf-owned company specialising in supporting individuals. As a Signature approved centre we run courses focusing on the customer – you. Whether you want a course or intensive teaching to perfect your British Sign Language, we can give you what you are looking for. We deliver because we are small and we focus on one language – BSL.

Our team of teachers work to high standards giving appropriate time and attention to each individual enabling each student to achieve their full potential and, depending on the course, higher qualifications. Our small class sizes (maximum of 8 students) enable us to give you optimum ‘teacher time’. We have a very open minded approach, and like our BSL learners, we are continually reviewing and improving.

Our ‘One Language’ strategy means that we continually review how we work, what we teach and how you can perfect your BSL. For example, we offer ‘bite-sized’ workshops focusing on specific topics. We also offer online webcam sessions if you can’t always find the time to travel. You might be desperate to pass your assessment but can’t find a centre that can match your needs, we can support you to ensure you are successful. Our ‘One Language’ thinking means that you get the benefit of our expertise and our flexibility. We do offer approved courses for those of you who want a certificated course, but this also comes with a difference! Our on-going support and attention to each student is unrivalled.

Want some hard evidence?!… Our last three Level 3 courses had 100% pass rates, on our Level 2 course in April 2010 – everyone passed, with only two unit resits. Occasionally, nerves get the better of people but at BSLworks we strive to give our students the security and confidence they need to succeed.

Signature has kept all our records so you can always check us out….but here’s a bit of what our students say:

“The level of teaching here is excellent and I’ve enjoyed being in a small class.” (Level 2 student)

“I feel more capable of assessing my own signing so when I use BSL out in the real world, it feels more comfortable.” (pre-Level 3 student)

“I enjoyed the interactive nature of the session and not feeling silly if you got it wrong. We are definitely encouraged to try!” (workshop student)

Why not email us at office@bslworks.com to find out more?